Incentives and Prizes

Individual Incentives

  • Raise a minimum of $20.00; receive a free registration gift.
  • Raise $50.00 or more; receive a Walk-Along for Lupus T-Shirt.

All Walkers Who Individually Raise:

  • $500.00-$749.00 will receive a $50.00 Visa Gift Card
  • $750.00-$999.00 will receive a $75.00 Visa Gift Card
  • $1000.00 and over will receive a $100.00 Visa Gift Card.

The Visa Gift Cards can be won by individuals only, team totals cannot be used to get a gift card.

To qualify for the above gift cards, all money must be collected by November 15, 2018

***Only one gift card per person can be earned, no matter how much money you raised.***


  • To receive a free registration gift and lunch at the walk, each team member must raise at least the minimum $20 donation.
  • To receive a free registration gift, lunch and a Walk-Along for Lupus T-Shirt, each team member must raise $50.
  • To Qualify for pre-packaged lunch, teams must have 8 or more members. Team pre-packaged lunches are a great way to make your team`s day easier at the walk. Just ask for the team lunch form at registration and bring it to the team lunch table. Then walk and when you come back your team`s lunch will be ready for you to pick up and enjoy.
  • Teams that raise more than $300.00 by October 1st, will receive a Team Sign with their team name on it to proudly display at the walk. If your team registers and collects donations online, you do not need to do anything; we will know when you hit $300 in donations and add your team name to our sign list. If you are collecting donations offline and raise $300, please be sure to call our office and let us know so we can add your team name to the sign list!

Click here for more information on Walk-Along for Lupus teams.