Teams and Schools

Staff is available Monday-Thursday from 9:00am-5:00pm and on Friday from 9:00pm-4:00pm at 516-783-3370 to answer any of your questions.


  • Teachers/School Leaders may pre-register their teams at our office in Wantagh (please note our new address! 3366 Park Avenue, Suite 212, Wantagh, NY 11793) and are welcome to hand in the money their class/team collected. When teachers/school leaders come to pre-register at the office, each students name will be put on a list under with the school name and given to the registration volunteers at the pre-registered school table for the day of the walk (GREEN). This way students who arrive at the walk and cannot find their teacher, or if their teacher has not yet arrived, can still give their name and school name to the registration volunteers at the GREEN tables and be able to receive their lunch bracelet, free registration gift and shirt (if they earned one) and enter the walk without having to wait for their teacher.

_H2G2254Teams and School Tips, Rules and More

  • Teams must have a minimum of 4 members.
  • Teams that raise $300 or more before 10/1/2016 are eligible for a Team Sign to proudly display at the walk. If your team registered online, once $300 is raised, your team will automatically be put on the list to receive a sign. If you are not registering or collecting donations online and have raised $300 or more offline, please call our office at 516-783-3370 to give us your team name to have your sign made for your team.
  • Team Pre-Packaged Lunch – if you have 8 or more team members be sure to ask the registration volunteer for a team pre-packaged lunch. Once you complete the team sign form at registration and bring it to the team lunch table, enjoy the walk, come back to the team lunch table when finished and your lunch will be ready and waiting for you to pick up!
  • When registering a team online, PLEASE be sure that only one person (Team Captain) registers the Team Name. Once they have registered as a walker, they can give the TEAM NAME to their members so they can register and join the team. You can also click on your team captain`s page and click “Join this Team” to register as a member of the team.
  • Team Members that individually raise $500 or more qualify for individual Visa gift cards. Gift Card prizes can only be earned by individual walkers only!!! You cannot get a Gift Card for a pooled Team Total.100_0474
  • Team captains and walkers can pre-register at our office in Wantagh starting on 10/14. Click here to view our Walk-Along for Lupus week extended office hours.
  • All walkers on a team must fill out a registration form/envelope to be turned in with their money. A complete form includes name, address, e-mail and team name. Without all of this information you may not get proper credit for your team’s totals, or for individual gift cards that you may be entitled to. To download and print a donor registration form click here.
  • All school teams are eligible for community service letters for each walker if requested.
  • TEAM LEADERS! Instruct your team members to meet you on the day of the walk at the same location so you can register together, making your teams time on the registration line as smooth and as quick as possible.
  • If your team captain has your money and registration form, you must meet up with them prior to going to the registration tables. Our registration volunteers cannot register someone without their form and minimum $20.00 registration fee.
  • Team members can register themselves without the team captain present as long as they have their money and walk donor registration form/envelope. Individual team members who are registering and handing in their money on their own without their captain present still need to go to the TEAM tables.
  • RED if your captain pre-registered your team.
  • BLUE if the team is not pre-registered.
  • PURPLE if you are a pre-registered school.
  • GREEN if you are a non pre-registered school.