Hold a Fundraising Event for the Walk-Along for Lupus

Over the years many of our members and walkers have held their own fundraising events to support the Walk-Along for Lupus. What can you do?

Host your own event: Plan and host your own fundraising event to help raise money for your Walk-Along for Lupus fundraising efforts. This could be anything from a karaoke night to a bake sale. Another great idea is to ask a local restaurant or bar to partner with you on a special fundraising activity. We have several ways in which we can help support your event.

  • Designate your BUNCO or POKER night to the lupus cause, all winnings go towards your fundraising efforts.
  • Have a Garage sale. Do you really need all that extra stuff taking up space in your garage, attic or basement? Gather it up, pick a Saturday or Sunday, put the stuff in the front yard and sell! All money raised can go toward your fundraising goal!
  • Use eBay. Or sell your stuff on eBay!
  • Host a house party. This is a sure-fire way to raise money. Entertain and collect donations at the same time. Create a theme (costume party) and have fun.
  • Host a movie night at your home. Pick a new release, make some popcorn, pick up some drinks and invite your friends and family over for the night. Make sure you have plenty of donation forms out!

The LALIQ can help by providing lupus awareness items to give to your guests and lupus brochures and information to distribute. LALIQ will post your event on the website to help you recruit people to attend. For other great ideas to help you fundraise click here.

To learn more you can call us at 516-783-3370. Already have your idea? Click here to download our fundraising event form.