Fundraising and Social Media Tips

1. Set a BOLD goal.  Fundraising goals of  1,000 are included as Top Fundraisers and receive great perks and prizes! Update your progress in your donation request e-mails or social media posts. Share your goal when asking your friends and family for support. When you reach your goal, be sure to increase it, by updating your page.

2. Make a donation. Start your fundraising off right by making a donation to your own fundraising efforts. Others will be more inclined to give if they see you have made a donation.

3. Use the walk website. Easy-to-use online fundraising tools are right at your fingertips! You can set up a personal web page, send out emails and track your progress. Log in to your account and access your participant center to get started now!

5. Ask your company to sponsor you or even better, create a corporate team!

6. Challenge another office, branch or school club/team. Competition is a great motivator!

7. Place an announcement/memo in your office employee break room, mail room/copy room.

8.  Ask everyone you know for a donation!_F1E8985 (1224 x 816)

  • mail carrier
  • yoga instructor
  • friends in your Zumba class
  • hairdresser
  • teachers
  • neighbors
  • coaches
  • store clerks
  • book club members
  • the clerk at your favorite morning deli

10. Post a team sign-up sheet at your office.

11. Ask your friends, especially those you have sponsored in the past, to return the favor and sponsor you now.

12. Bring donation sheets to club and group meetings to solicit/request donations and recruit team members!

13.  Include a link to your fundraising webpage in your e-mail signature and text messages.

16. Ask your company about a matching gift program – An easy way to double your donation!

  Don`t forget always say THANK YOU. Send thank you e-mails, letters and phone calls.


  • Collect donations from your Facebook friends by posting a link to your personal walk webpage.
  • Put the link to your walk webpage in your status along with a message about why you walk.
  • Make your personalized walk webpage a “cause” on Facebook and ask friends to donate that way.
  • Write a Facebook note about why you Walk-Along for Lupus along with the link, then tag all of your friends so they can see it and donate to your page.
  • Be sure to friend the LALIQ on Facebook and pass the link to our page to your Facebook friends.
  • Be sure to tag LALIQ when sending a Facebook post or status about the Walk-Along.


  • Use hashtag #walkalongforlupus every time you tweet about the walk.
  • Post tweets about your fundraising efforts, be sure to link to your walk webpage so people can donate.
  • Always thank people for donations or retweets, give them their moment in the sun by making sure all your friends and their friends can see that they donated.

YouTube –

  • Make and post a video of yourself telling your story
  • Make a video of your class or friends collecting money for the Walk-Along for Lupus


Do you have a fundraising suggestion that has worked for you? Click here to send it to us and we may add it to this page!