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Nowadays, more and more people with lupus are writing personal online journals otherwise known as blogs. These sites and blogs are about their experiences with living with lupus, or loving someone with lupus.

Below are links to a number of these blogs currently on the Internet. We have listed several that we believe may be helpful resources in learning about what it is like living with lupus on a day to day basis. They are a way for someone newly diagnosed to find that there are other people out there who have gone through or are going through exactly what they are experiencing, something that can help allieviate the feelings of being alone when you are first given a diagnosis of lupus.

Do you “blog” about life with lupus as well? Let us know! E-mail us today with information on your blog, to be considered for inclusion on our website.

If you own a blog and are listed here and would like to return the favor, please contact us and we will send you a logo to put on your website.

Blog Links

But You Dont Look Sick.Com

Knitting My Way Through

Living La Vida Lupus

Lupus and Humor

Ardent Celebrations of a Lupus Survivor

Chronic Chick Talk

Lupus in Flight

Getting Closer to Myself

Molly`s Fund Fighting Lupus

Not Your Average Lupus Site

Mommy`s Broken

The Lady with Lupus

The Life of a 20 Something with Lupus

Life, Lupus and the Pursuit of Happiness

Walk With Me

Lupus Hope

Life With Lupus

Life Despite Lupus

Living with the Wolf




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