New Patient Orientation

NEW Patient Orientation

If you are a new lupus patient, please call our office at 516-783-3370 to schedule an appointment to attend a complimentary new patient orientation in our office.

You are not alone. The scariest part about being diagnosed with lupus is the unknown.

What now?

Will I be still be able to work?

How will the disease affect my daily life?

What exactly is lupus doing to my body?

Our New Patient Orientation can help you answer the questions you have about your disease with knowledgeable, understanding and reassuring answers that can help you begin to cope with the intrusion of lupus on your life. Don`t try to face it alone. Let our years of experience and understanding of lupus help you navigate life with lupus.

Let us guide you through the unknown and help you realize lupus does not have to be your label.

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