Opinions for Good

Opinions for Good – Helping you make money while helping your favorite non-profit. Opinions for Good provides recurring donations for non-profits without asking their donors to open their wallets. A minimum of 25% of each member`s activity earnings can be donated to this non-profit.

We have partnered with Opinions for Good, and are now one of the charities you can select to help.

Each qualified survey completion will result in a donation to the Lupus Alliance of LIQ.

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How Opinions For Good Works

Opinions for Good, or Op4G provides members with opportunities to earn money for themselves and for non-profits by participating in Internet-based market research without fear that their identities will ever be sold or revealed. As a result, members are highly motivated to participate in these market research activities, providing a recurring stream of donations for their selected non-profits.

• Members will never be charged for their participation in Op4G.
• 100% of the money earned by a member will be paid to the member and his or her designated non-profit, in this case, The Lupus Alliance of LIQ.
• Member anonymity is a cornerstone of every Op4G operation.
• Each member’s “myOp4G” web page will automatically track how much money a member has earned and how much money a member has donated to his or her designated non-profit.
• Members will be protected from any SPAM, advertising or other unwanted communication from Op4G Clients.
• Members may end their association with Op4G at any time by logging into their “myOp4G” home page and selecting the “Giving Up 4 Good option.” All member information will be instantly deleted from the Op4G database (except for any information Op4G is legally required to retain).