Be Someone`s Butterfly..

Be Someone`s Butterfly Annual Appeal

Be Someone`s Butterfly Annual Appeal

Our Annual Appeal entitled, “Be Someone`s Butterfly” was sent to our membership in December of 2015. Many who donated, asked to give their donation in honor or memory of someone with Lupus. Their thoughts are listed below.

If you would like to donate and have your dedication listed on our Butterfly page, please click here.

  • Joan M. Hagner & Christine M. Stephan – In Memory of Karin Mae Hagner
  • Robert and Jean Pollack – In Memory of John Vander-Putten
  • Sherry Ellen Silverman – In Honor of care given by Dr. Sheldon Blau, Dr. Louis Tiger and Dr. James Sullivan to the late Morris Silverman.
  • Patricia Vander-Putten – In Memory of my beloved husband and long time Board Member of the LALIQ, John Vander-Putten. Who worked tirelessly to help those living with lupus, like our grand daughter.
  • Lois Gatto and Cynthia Barry – In memory of Christine Gatto


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