What Is Lupus Advocacy?

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Project1advocacy4 (569 x 544)What is Advocacy?
Lupus Advocacy is a grassroots effort to put a face to this disease that affects over 1.5 million Americans. Our personal stories are the most powerful tools in raising awareness among public officials of the challenges of living with lupus.

Through our united efforts, we can effect significant changes in patient awareness, health care programs, legislative initiatives, original research and finding a cure. Over the last 20 years major advancements in our understanding and treatment of lupus have come about in part through the advocacy of many lupus organizations, including ours.

For more than a decade, the Lupus Alliance of LIQ has had a network of lupus activists working hard to help pass bills and stimulate millions of dollars for research, education and awareness to help those living with lupus, live better lives.

Every voice counts and only together can those voices ensure that the issues important to those living with lupus are considered and understood by our elected officials. Whether our support is needed for legislation pertaining to awareness and education about lupus, or for legislation asking for more research dollars into the cause and cure, as a lupus advocate you would be a crucial part of what happens next in lupus history.

What is a Lupus Advocate?
Lupus Advocates are volunteers dedicated to taking part in the democratic process. Lupus Advocates will connect the Lupus Alliance of LIQ with their elected officials at the local, state and federal level. Each Advocate`s efforts are crucial to the success of passing legislation that affect the lives of those living with lupus.

By advocating for new medications and treatments, improved social services and more progressive health care policies at the state and federal level, as a lupus advocate you can make a real change that will benefit lupus patient’s and provide a brighter future, for not only yourself, but for all of those learning to live with this disease.

Lupus Advocates may also be called upon to visit Albany or Washington D.C. for an advocacy day giving them the opportunity to meet with their representatives in person and tell their story about how lupus has impacted and changed their life. Lupus Advocates will receive training and guidance to fulfill the tasks at hand with confidence.

Over the years, our lupus advocates have:
• Ensured funds for lupus research
• Protected the rights of people with lupus to get—and keep—adequate healthcare insurance coverage
• Worked to eliminate racial disparities
• Promoted education and awareness of the seriousness of lupus

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What is a Lupus E-Advocate?
Lupus E-Advocates help improve the lives of people living with lupus simply by sending an email. The key to successfully changing government policies is through grassroots advocacy. When an urgent matter relating to lupus is being debated on Capitol Hill, you will receive an email asking for your help.

In as little as 5 minutes, you will be able to write to your elected officials and let them know their constituents care about lupus and explain its impact on our communities. We will give you all the information you require, including the name of the bill, what it is about and how it will help those with lupus.

How Can I Help?
You can click here to sign up. Once you sign up as an advocate, you will receive our special advocacy e-news blasts when your help is urgently needed. You will also receive special advocacy e-mails on upcoming advocacy events and training sessions.

When is the Next Training Session?
Our next Advocacy Training session will be held in March 2014, the date and time to be announced soon after the New Year. Over a buffet dinner, you will engage through interactive sessions with active advocates, experienced staff and a special guest.

• You will learn firsthand about Lupus priority issues
• Learn how and why to become an effective advocate
• Learn how to educate our elected officials about lupus and its devastating effects on the estimated 1.5 million adults and 10,000 kids with this disease

If you would like to attend this event and become a Lupus Advocate, please click here.

This program is supported by educational donations provided by Amgen and GlaxoSmithKline