From the Executive Director

pattyDear Friends,

As I reflect back over the past year, I am delighted to be part of such important milestones in advocacy, education, research and advancement in patient services.  Since I am a Long Island native, my passion for this community runs deep. Upon my appointment, I have brought my deep commitment to serving the Nassau, Suffolk and Queens community to my work every day in helping those who suffer from the devastating disease of lupus.

From my very first day with the LALIQ I have been touched by the many people involved with this wonderful organization. Hearing the stories of the Board Members, understanding their passion, personal connections and commitment to those living with lupus has driven me forward since I arrived. Our long-time members who are patients have inspired me by their courage and resolve to conquer their personal challenges with this disease while supporting one another through our programs and fundraising events. One example was evident in their excitement while planning and participating in our 25th Annual Walk-Along for Lupus this past October. I was in awe of the sentiments of those involved in this event which is clearly a legacy of the LALIQ.

Lupus is a disease I strongly feel is not spoken about enough, despite the fact the over 1.5 million Americans suffer with its life-threatening effects every day. I am disheartened by how many lives are touched by the disease in our own community. It is for that reason that we at the LALIQ forge ahead with our mission in mind through our daily work.

I have been blessed to get to know the members of the National Coalition of lupus organizations through the LALIQ advocacy initiative. The LALIQ`s mission is to help those living in the Nassau, Suffolk and Queens communities while supporting research and     legislation nationally. I have enjoyed meeting and cultivating new relationships with this extended lupus family from all over the  country. These connections have assisted us in developing new needed programs and re-energizing older ones.

I continue to be fully committed to improving the ways in which we reach out to the lupus community. Many of our newly revised programs were designed with our members feedback in mind. As I begin my second year at the LALIQ I am thrilled to be looking forward to a positive future for the organization and for those who have lupus. Many new exciting research developments in the designing of new medications and the implementation of better diagnostic procedures have already occurred with more to come in the near future. As we raise funds to support these research opportunities, we are just as committed to serving those who need us most with financial assistance, support, education services, scholarships and more.

Yours in Service,





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