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bf549c63-a745-40d2-8967-a3a4b24d3f34For 23 years, the Lupus Alliance of Long Island/Queens has held our Annual Walk-Along for Lupus every October at Eisenhower Park. What started out as a fleeting idea in a board meeting on how to reach out to the general public and make them aware about the disease, whom it affects and how much those living with the disease in Nassau, Suffolk and Queens needed support and information, grew into Long Island`s first and longest running lupus walk.

Photo: John F. Sheehan Photography (www.jfsheehanphoto.com)

Photo: John F. Sheehan Photography (www.jfsheehanphoto.com)

From those first few walks, until now 23 years later, our dedicated walkers have raised over 1.8 million dollars to help raise awareness, provide support and donate to novel research. Our support groups, lupus friend program, scholarships, financial assistance programs, symposiums, education days, seminars and more are all primarily supported by the funds raised at the Walk-Along for Lupus.

Photo: John F. Sheehan Photography (www.jfsheehanphoto.com)

Photo: John F. Sheehan Photography (www.jfsheehanphoto.com)

Every year walkers, sponsors, volunteers and vendors come back the walk to show their support to the LALIQ and what we do for those living in our local lupus community. The dedication of our walkers reminds everyone at the LALIQ why we continue to fight every day to do everything we can to make the lives of those living with lupus a little easier and a little happier.

19877d2a-f605-4bb7-a8fd-c1e00681124bIf anyone ever asks you why you Walk-Along for Lupus….show them some of these pictures from the 23rd Annual Walk-Along for Lupus. 66abc832-1f6c-40ab-84a4-6038121c91d2

Show them the homemade t-shirts walkers make in honor of a lost loved one.

Show them the love that goes into the messages our walkers print on their team signs.

Show them the size of the groups that come together in solidarity for someone they know who has lupus.

Show them our volunteers who get up at 5am on a Sunday and still arrive with a smile on their face, happy and eager to help.

Show them our generous sponsors who want nothing more than to support an amazing group of people on an amazing day of love and friendship.

Photo: John F. Sheehan Photography (www.jfsheehanphoto.com)

Photo: John F. Sheehan Photography (www.jfsheehanphoto.com)

Show them the excited looks on the faces of the students who come out every year to make the event a memorable one!

These are all of the reasons the board and staff at the LALIQ continue to do what we need to do to help those in our Long Island and Queens community who have lupus. As the only lupus agency located in Nassau, Suffolk and Queens, we are dedicated every day to our mission, “Improving the lives of those living with lupus through awareness, education, support services and research”fd94eb46-8703-4447-afab-1a8201b3c65c

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