The Lupus Alliance of LIQ; Encompassing a More Positive Attitude, Outlook and Outcome for all of Those Whose Lives are Touched by Lupus.

By | June 20, 2016

The Lupus Alliance of Long Island/Queens has been helping those with lupus in the Long Island/Queens community since 1955. With a steadfast mission of improving the lives of those living with lupus through awareness, education, support services and research. The Alliance has continued to be the only local resource for families whose lives are affected by lupus; a life threatening disease with no known cure.

As part of their efforts to forge ahead and serve the community better, the LALIQ has reorganized their programs to focus on a more positive outlook towards living with chronic disease like lupus. Although there is no cure for lupus, medications and therapies have advanced in the last few years to help alleviate the pain and symptoms of lupus. With so many new innovations developing for treating lupus on the horizon, the LALIQ has embraced the notion that positive thoughts, natural remedies and understanding support can be a cornerstone of a successful life with lupus.

With those thoughts in mind, the LALIQ presented their 2016 Lupus Exploration Symposium on May 14th at LIU Post. In partnership with the LIU Department of Social Work School of Health Professional and Nursing and Event Sponsor Exagen Pharmaceuticals, the day was filled with positive paths to treatment and living with lupus.

Keynote speaker Dr. Christopher Collins, engaged the group on the latest Exagen research into lupus biomarkers. These biomarkers will help make diagnosis of lupus, a normally long and difficult process, become a quicker and more precise venture in the future.

Local physicians and supporters of the LALIQ`s work gave informative lectures on the latest in lupus treatments. Dr. Peter Rumore of Rheumatology Associates spoke about where the future is taking us and how renewed interest in lupus is helping move new therapies forward at a rapid pace. Dr. Kristine Blanche of Integrative Health Solutions lectured on integrative medicine and how holistic medicine is becoming a helpful and important addition to the treatment of autoimmune diseases. Dr. Stacy Jaffee Gropack from LIU Post Social Work Department spoke about physical therapy and lupus. Dr. Gropack explained to those in the audience what they should know about finding a good therapist and how therapies like aquatic PT can be useful tools in treating the chronic pain of lupus.

Patient Advocates and long-time volunteers of the LALIQ, Kaamilah Gilyard and Missy McGrath told compelling stories about why they chose to get involved with clinical trials and how they felt about participating in what could eventually help millions of others who live with lupus. Tai-Chi master, Joseph Panico ended the day by leading the group in their first Tai-Chi introduction. Joseph, engaged the crowd with information about how Tai-Chi can help loosen your muscles after a long day, can help you combat fatigue without strenuous exercise and how Tai-Chi can open your body and mind to relax and focus on positive thinking.

The feedback from the attendees was as positive as the lectures themselves. Many asked pertinent questions which opened dialogue between the speakers and those attending. Hearing the stories of the audience as they asked questions, Executive Director Patricia D`Accolti stated, “Listening to those who attended express their desire and need for more information on alternative ways to alleviate the symptoms of lupus motivates all of us at the LALIQ. We will continue to honor their feedback by helping all who have lupus find positive ways to live with this sometimes life-threatening disease. It is truly rewarding to know that our efforts can make a difference in the lives of those living with this disease.”

The LALIQ is currently developing more innovative programs like the 2016 Lupus Exploration Symposium, designed to provide positive thinking and approaches towards lupus therapies. If you have lupus and need help, please call the Lupus Alliance of LIQ at 516-783-3370 or visit their website at

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