Navigating Your Firstgiving Walk Webpage

Once you have registered to walk you now have access to your own walk webpage. firstgiving9

Click the sample to the right to see what a walk webpage looks like.

You can add your own story, pictures and videos to your webpage. talk about why you are walking, who you are walking for or why the cause is important to you.

Once edited, visit your dashboard to send your page link to friends and family through e-mail or social media.

firstgiving6Your dashboard can also help you add offline donations, manage your team and make donations of your own.

To access your dashboard visit at anytime. Click the sign-in button in the upper right hand corner of the page. Once there, enter the email and password you used to sign up for the walk. firstgiving7

You will be brought to a page with your name on it (see the picture to the left) and four blue tabs. Click the fundraise tab to go to your dashboard.

Your dashboard, (seen to the right) is easy to navigate and can help you maximize your fundraising efforts.

If you made a Team when you registered you can also access the TEAM PAGE from your dashboard. Here you can edit the team page and send a link to potential team members, asking them to join you in your efforts to help those with lupus. Below is a sample of what your team page looks like when you edit it from your dashboard. Just like your personal page, you can add videos, text and pictures, and post your team page on Facebook.

firstgiving12 (388 x 184)